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    National advanced NF/RO technology and its application seminar concluded well
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    Highlights of the conference clip
    In the upcoming farewell 2019, to greet the year 2020, sponsored by China membrane industry association and organized by Tangshan Seaps Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, the 2019 national seminar on advanced technology and application of nanofiltration reverse osmosis membrane was held in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei province on December 15. More than 100 representatives from nanofiltration reverse osmosis related enterprises and university research institutions from all over the country attended the meeting.
    The meeting focused on membrane preparation, membrane market, membrane quality, membrane standard, membrane process, membrane maintenance and other issues concerned by membrane manufacturers. First, the conference was reported by representative experts in these aspects. Then, according to the different needs of participating enterprises, the conference was divided into three venues for interactive communication on Seaps products, formulation of membrane standards, and fault diagnosis consultation of membrane system.

    Branch-venue 1: Seaps membrane product promotion and negotiation

    Branch-venue 2: special consulting activity on the malfunction of reverse osmosis membrane system

    Branch-venue 3: publicity and implementation meeting of national standard of nanofiltration reverse osmosis
    Liu han, deputy secretary general of China membrane industry association, presided over the opening ceremony. Wang jiwen, secretary general, Zhao jing, chairman of Tangshan Seaps, and Chen yiwen, deputy director of Caofeidian equipment manufacturing industrial park management committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
    In his speech, secretary general Wang jiwen pointed out: in 2019, the national macroeconomic went down, profit fell by 30%, membrane enterprises mixed, some membrane enterprises orders to the next year, some enterprises profits grew by as much as 40%, but the overall development of membrane products slowed down, a big shuffle, big restructuring of the situation is about to appear. Manufacturing quality excellent products, with innovative business thinking, membrane industry will have a great prospect.

    Statement by the secretary general
    As the host of this conference, chairman Zhao jing of Seaps expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the experts and distinguished guests coming from afar. He reflected on the past, thought about the future and reviewed the eight years' development of Seaps.These eight years have been an extraordinary eight for Seaps. During these eight years, Seaps has been developed and put into operation at an amazing speed. In addition, it was successfully listed on the new third board in 2015, which realized the full-chain standard and scale of membrane research and development, membrane manufacturing and membrane application in China's private enterprises for the first time. Construction for the first time to form the largest domestic area, production scale, production capacity of the largest research and development of reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing base, for the first time, a new three board listed private enterprises in Hebei province has the shortest time, were also judges to strategic emerging enterprises in Hebei province, Hebei military and civilian integration enterprise, high-tech enterprise in Hebei province honor. Over the past eight years, Seaps has been continuously developing and upgrading technologies and products, and the Chinese academy of sciences, Hebei university of technology, North China university of science and technology and other research institutions and institutions of higher learning to establish a joint laboratory and joint research unit, and the establishment of a postdoctoral research station in Seaps, the application and storage of a large number of high-standard, high-ground invention patents and utility model patents.It shows the determination and confidence of Seaps to continuously improve product quality and meet the future. Chairman Zhao jing also thank everyone for their long-term support and help for Seaps, Seaps in the future development of the road is inseparable from their support, Seaps will as always learn from the same industry, learn from the market! He hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future.

    Seaps chairman Zhao jing spoke
    Chen yiwen, director of economic development bureau of Caofeidian equipment manufacturing industrial park, spoke on behalf of Caofeidian industrial zone. Director Chen said that Seaps is one of the first private technology enterprises to enter Caofeidian industrial zone. In just a few years, Seaps people "innovation-driven development, with the practical revitalization of the industry" business philosophy. It based on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Caofeidian beach. Together with scientific research institutes, they set up an industry university research base to set an example for the practice of "six scientific and technological innovation actions in Tangshan city". Not only that, Seaps company has undertaken the visiting and investigation tasks of our district for many times, has received the provincial and municipal leaders for more than 20 times, and cooperated with the management committee to successfully complete the project scheduling and observation activities for many times, which has won the unanimous praise of the municipal and district leaders.

    Equipment manufacturing industrial park economic development bureau Chen yiwen director
    Seaps has been focusing on product development and technology upgrading for many years, and has established joint research and development projects and bases with various research institutes and universities. At this conference, North China university of science and technology and Seaps signed an agreement to jointly establish an innovation practice base and jointly build a joint laboratory. And in this conference carried on the award ceremony. Seaps was awarded the card by Liu zhigang, professor, master supervisor and deputy dean of the school of materials science and engineering, North China university of science and technology.

    Opening ceremony
    The development of Seaps cannot be separated from the support of experts and friends, as well as friends from various industries. In order to promote the long-term development of Seaps, Seaps specially invites industry leaders and elites to join in the strategic development of Seaps, offer suggestions for the water treatment industry and guide the strategic development of Seaps. At the meeting, the company's chairman awarded the appointment letter of Seaps development consultants to these industry elites.

    Seaps development consultant engagement ceremony
    After the opening ceremony, professor Wang zhi, professor Zheng xiang, researcher Pan xianhui and researcher Zhang yuzhong, well-known experts in the industry, made professional technical reports respectively, which benefited the guests a lot.
    At the same time, Wang xiaojing, sales director of Seaps, also talked about Seaps' products and the new strategic cooperation mode. Seaps has completed its overseas market layout and formed four major overseas sales blocks in southeast Asia, the Middle East, eastern Europe and South Africa. Seaps people are also taking practical actions to realize the dream of "national rejuvenation, industrial service to the country". They are also taking practical actions to carry the dream of national rejuvenation and gradually build a highland of water industry in China!
    Seaps sales director Wang xiaojing spoke
    The 2019 national seminar on advanced technologies and applications of nanofiltration reverse osmosis membranes is a positive exchange event for 2020. From Beijing qingshuiyuan, Shandong zhaojin, Hunan qinsen, Hunan aowei, Shandong jiuzhang and other major domestic reverse osmosis manufacturers, and the organizer Seaps together on the status and development of membrane products for in-depth discussion and exchange; In the form of discussion and exchange in the branch venue, the participants reached several consensus on the development of membrane industry in 2020: 1. Good product quality and no price war are the basis for the survival and development of membrane manufacturing enterprises. 2. Third-rate enterprises do products, second-rate enterprises do brands, first-class enterprises do standards. 3. The level of membrane system design and operation maintenance has a great impact on the production and sales of membrane products.