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    Seaps's 2019 staff meeting and new management team meeting

    May 8, 2019, Tangshan Seaps Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. held its first staff meeting in 2019.

    The meeting was chaired by Liu shunfu, director of the administration department, and all employees of the company attended the meeting.

    At the beginning of the meeting, chairman Zhaojing made a speech and introduced the new members of the operation team:Chairman and general manager Zhaojing, chief executive officer Gong ziqiang, chief technical officer Lei yuqi, chief production officer Wang shaoshan, chief marketing officer Wang xiaojing, secretary of the board of directors Yang hongbao. Chairman zhao pointed out SeapsSeaps is a new enterprise with numerous auras. It is a high-tech enterprise with good product market prospect. Our company has an excellent technical team, a good team of employees, and a very good market prospect. We believe that with our joint efforts, Seaps can achieve unlimited development. Chairman zhao pointed out, in the next step, the new operation team will focus on market changes and implement marketing strategies that are more in line with market needs, will grasp the product quality, production more rigorous, standard products; will strictly adhere to the production safety, to ensure safe production without hidden trouble, will strictly control the company system, formulate and improve the company management system, scientific implementation of the system to manage people. Chairman zhao hopes that in the following work, everyone will join hands and show the spirit of the host, jointly build Seaps into a modern benchmark enterprise with rigorous management, first-class products, excellent sales and Shared benefits. In the near future, we will also promote the Seaps main board listing, so that every employee can improve themselves and gain benefits in the continuous development of Seaps. 

    After that, Hu zhijun, the outgoing chairman of the board, made a speech, he reviewed the past of Seaps. Since the establishment of the factory in 2012, Seaps has gone through detours and crossed ditches in the past seven years. But the victory will belong to Seaps that keeps forging ahead. We have the top technicians in China, who are the backbone of the first batch of reverse osmosis membrane production in China. Now Seaps has experienced seven years of ups and downs, with continuous market expansion and stable production capacity. Seaps products have been exported to Europe, southeast Asia, Africa and other international markets. He was confident in the new operations team, and praised the new organizational structure, division of labor and so on. He points out that Chairman zhao has a large enterprise management and operation experience, securities, funds and other financial business experience. New operation team has a clear division of responsibilities and plays their respective advantages, which  will become the engine of the sustainable development of Seaps, for Seaps’s future, will  certainly continue to grow stronger in the environmental protection industry.

    Subsequently, Gong ziqiang, the company's executive director, made a presentation on the company's daily management, company rules and regulations, and pointed out that Seaps is a good company with responsibilities, accountable and prospects. For enterprises, scientific and rigorous management system is the way forward, correct staff values are the spiritual food of the enterprise, strict product quality red line is the lifeline of the enterprise, advanced marketing strategy is the new blood of the enterprise, safety production is more important than tai shan. I hope that Seaps people can join hands to build this beautiful family.

    This conference is of great significance to Seaps, and it points the way forward for its continued development.

    We believe that with the joint efforts of all staff, Seaps will have a more brilliant future!