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    Seaps's 2018 Shanghai AQUATECH water show
    Seaps's 2018 Shanghai AQUATECH water show

    ended successfully in the national convention and exhibition center

    Seaps people
     strive to set sail, another height
    express gratitude to all the friends who arrived
     extend the invitation to all the friends who didn't arrive in time
    Welcome to Seaps


    Seaps booth appearance

    Hot consulting scene

    Reception of domestic and foreign customers

    Seaps continues to bring forth new ideas, improve technologies, and expand its team to perform excellently in all previous water exhibitions. At 2018 Shanghai water show, in the spirit of "with the dream of national rejuvenation to build the water industry Chinese core"
    Adhere to the principle of "building the Chinese core and building the Chinese dream".

    At 2018 Shanghai water show, Seaps exhibited dozens of membrane samples, and the company's employees patiently introduced the products to customers and friends in detail. In the ultramicro rate membrane component display area, the company's sales elite for customers from afar friends to do patient explanation.

            The company's household membrane component, ultramicro rate diaphragm display area also ushered in a lot of new customer consultations, our sales elite with their superb technology for customer friends to do patient explanation.

    Seaps will continue to walk with you in 2018

    We must not forget the original heart to forge ahead
    Seaps  Because of you and more wonderful