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    The annual in 2017 "Love is in Seaps" internal training was successfully...
    The fruits

    (It's our deep love for Seaps)


    Golden October
    The sales elite across the country went home for the holidays
    Elites from all walks of life gathered in Seaps
    Feel the warmth of home together
    They carry the latest information from all over the country
    They came with a full complement of orders
    They worked with great drive
    Gather Seaps
    And the house is full of meat and wine
    The family pushed the cup together to change the bowl
    What a joy!



    The internal training session lasts one week

    September 25-30

    The wonderful competition of the internal training meeting  everyone is full of passion
    Technical engineers to each sales elite about the new technical   knowledge
    The project engineer told the elites about the engineering knowledge
    Sales elite to tell you about the various places, industry information
    From the conference room came occasional bursts of laughter
    From time to time came a heated discussion
    Sometimes the face is red
    And give each other the thumbs up
    After brainstorming
    Everyone is the same
    Suddenly the appearance of light
    After the meeting,
    a visit to the Caofeidian industrial park was organized 



    First station :Caofeidian industrial area management committee——visit the industrial area sand table to see the overall layout of the industrial area. Rooted Caofeidian, love is in Seaps.


    Second station :The Caofeidian ore terminal——a 250,000 ton ocean liner, is one of the few natural deep water ports along more than 1, 000 kilometers of coastline around the Bohai Sea.


    Third station :Shougang jingtang company exhibition hall——Shougang relocation and Tangshan iron and steel industry adjustment, build an internationally advanced steel complex at Caofeidian.


    Forth station :Beijing-tianjin-hebei coordinated development exhibition hall—to build an economically strong Hebei.


    The week of internal training is over!
    Everyone at Seaps brings the holiday package the company has prepared for you,
    Once again, passionate to their respective posts.
    Create higher performance!

    Here at Seaps, I wish you all my colleagues, friends and family
    Happy double section! Everything is fine!
    Business is booming!The money is rolling in!