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    The annual in 2016 got off to a great start "Seaps has been recognized as a ...
    On January 6, 2016, the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and became the second batch of national new high-tech enterprises announced by Hebei province in 2015. Through the national high-tech enterprise identification, the company will receive a series of national policy support, for the company to expand the market, sustainable development and brand building to bring new opportunities.
    The identification document shall be jointly issued by the department of science and technology of Hebei province, the department of finance of Hebei province, the state taxation bureau of Hebei province and the local taxation bureau of Hebei province.

    The recognition of new high-tech enterprises is of great significance to the company in four aspects: First, it will be supported by relevant national tax policies and the enterprise income tax will be reduced by 10%; Second, new high-tech enterprises enjoy the introduction of senior talent policy; Third, new high-tech enterprises are the necessary conditions for the declaration of government special funds, is the declaration of national and local ministries and commissions of science and technology projects important reference standards, even essential standards; Fourth, new high-tech enterprises are important qualifications for market competition and intangible assets of enterprises, which play an important role in improving the visibility and brand influence of enterprises.

    The recognition of new high-tech enterprises based on “the recognition of new high-tech enterprises management method" and "the recognition of new high-tech enterprises management guidelines", to the enterprise core ability of independent intellectual property rights, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, research and development of organization and management level, growth index (total assets and sales growth) to evaluate four aspects. New high-tech enterprises are the important standard to measure whether the enterprise belongs to the science and technology enterprise.

    In the past three years since its establishment, the company has vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation and management innovation. The leaders of the company attach great importance to it. Since the establishment of the company in 2012, the company began to plan and apply for the identification of new high-tech enterprises, and arranged the deployment at the company's technology conference.
    In 2015, the company Beijing membrane technology research institute, membrane manufacturing group, membrane application group, process equipment department, finance department, hr department and worked closely with various units, made a thorough declaration plan, actively and earnestly prepared the declaration materials, and finished the report on time, passed the expert evaluation organized by the office of the leading group for management of new high-tech enterprises in Hebei province, and the joint examination of the four departments of Hebei provincial department of science and technology, Hebei provincial department of finance, Hebei state taxation bureau and Hebei local taxation bureau. It passed the recognition of new high-tech enterprises in Hebei province management work leading group office of the organization's expert review, science and technology department of Hebei province, Hebei province, financial department, state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau in Hebei province, Hebei province department of a joint review, finally was reviewed, for the record by the national new high-tech enterprises management work leading group office.
    The recognition of the company is a full recognition of the company's operating results, scientific and technological innovation ability and sustainable growth ability. The company will take the opportunity identified by the new high-tech enterprises, continue to carry out management innovation and technological innovation, increase the company's core competitiveness, improve the company's brand image.