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    Rural Safety Water Drinking Engineering
     Scope of application 
    · Countryside with water pollution ; 
    · Countryside of remote areas;
    · Countryside of less precipitation;   
    · Countryside of no tap water supply.
    Project features
    · Membrane separation, to remove harmful substance effectively;
    · No chemical additives, safe and reliable water quality;
    · PLC control, operation is convenient and intelligent;
    · Equipment is compact structure and small space consumption; 
    · Close water intake and water supply;
    · Correspond with local water quality, personalized design.


    Typical process flow 

    Able to offer personalized solution according to water quality.
       50000L/Dwater supply station
    (Suitable for village with more than 1,000 person)
    10000L/D water supply station (Suitable for  village with 200-1000 person) 5000L/Dwater supply station(Suitable for village with less than 200 person) Household water purifier (Appliable to families of general population)  

    Able to develop solutions according to rural population and properties of areas.