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    Sea Water Desalination
    Scope of application
                                              · Domestic water of offshore operation;
    · Domestic water for residents of coastal regions; 
    · Production water supply for coastal enterprises;
    · Water for agriculture and forestry of coastal regions .
    Project features 
    · High desalination rate, corrosion proof and high-pressure resistance;
    · Energy is recyclable, overall energy consumption is low;
    · Highly controllable, water quality is stable;
    · Less civil works and low project investment .


    Typical process flow

    Able to offer personalized solution according to water quality.

                       The 100t/d brackish water desalination demonstration project at east Maozhou Island, Sanya City.  
    The 300t/d brackish water desalination demonstration project at Lingshan Island, Shandong Province. This project applied domestic ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane for the first time.