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    The 2017 Our Love of SEAPS Internal Training Warp up Successfully

    Innumerable Great Achievements

    (All the efforts are stem from the groovy kind love of SEAPS)


    This golden month of October,

    Sales elites nationwide come back home for the holiday.

    Outstanding representatives of different sectors gather at SEAPS and to feel the warmth of home together.

    They bring back the latest information from place to place,

    They carry back unanimous orders,

    They possess full of energy,

    They gather in SEAPS


    While our home base has prepared delicious food and wine,

    Our family members talked and laughed cheerfully and toasted time and time again.

    Full of exhilaration.


    The internal training lasted for one week from
    25th to 30th, September.

    In the wonderful internal training session, everyone is passionate.

    Technical engineers recount new technical knowledge to sales elite members,

    Project engineers relate engineering knowledge to elite members,

    While sales elites share with us strange tales and industry information of various places.

    The conference room comes through gales of laughter now and then,

    comes through intense discussion,

    comes through debate and flush with shame,

    comes through thumbs up to each other.

    After the brainstorming, everyone looks brightened.

    We organized a visit to Caofeidian Industrial Area after the internal training.




    Management Committee of Caofeidian Industrial Area --- Visit the overall sand table of industrial area and understand its general layout.
    Strike our root in Caofeidian and fix our love in SEAPS. 



    Ore terminal of Caofeidian --- a large oceangoing ship of 250,000 tons. It is a rare natural deep water harbor along the coastline about a thousand kilometers along the Bohai Sea.



    The exhibition hall of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd
    Relocation of Shougang and adjustment of iron and steel industry in Tangshan region and to construct a integrated iron and steel complex of international advanced standard in Caofeidian.






    The exhibition hall of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei  ——  To build a strong economy province and a beautiful Hebei

    The one-week internal training come toa successful conclusion!

    Bring with holiday gifts of SEAPS,

    all our colleagues rush back to their positions again and to create higher performance!

    We hereby wish all colleagues,
    friends and family members happy national day and happy mid-autumn festival!
    Wish all is well!

    Wish your business success and profits pouring in from all sides!