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    1、February 28th, 2012, SEAPS’s planning group settled in the standard factory of Caofeidian equipment manufacturing industrial park and started preparatory work.

    2、March 27th, 2012, Tangshan SEAPS Science and Technology Limited Company incorporated at Caofeidian equipment manufacturing industrial park and its registered capital is 60 million RMB.

    3、April 25th, 2012, SEAPS started the construction of factory.

    4、June, 2012, the intelligent sewage treatment equipment developed and produced by SEAPS was exported to Venezuela of South America.

    5、August. 2012, the Technical innovation and expansion project on manufacturing of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane for core technology components of membrane industry and equipment manufacturing for projects of environmental protection industry constructed by SEAPS named as Project of strategic emerging industry of Hebei Province in 2012 by Development and Reform Commission of Hebei Province.

    6、May 5th, 2013, construction of office building of new factory was completed. SEAPS moved from the standard workshop of equipment manufacturing industrial park to new factory.

    7、On June 5th, 2013, SEAPS attended The 6th Session of Holland Amsterdam Shanghai International Exhibition on Water Treatment, Expo China.

    8、August 15th, 2013, the first RO membrane production line for water treatment owning the complete intellectual property right by SEAPS was successful. SEAPS, the only domestic RO membrane developer and manufacturer owning formulation technology and production technology of RO membrane, broke the monopoly of foreign giants like America, Japan and Korea, etc on formula, production process and equipment technology of RO membrane for water treatment.

    9、December 28th, 2014, SEAPS established its communist party office of CPC.
    10、February 10th, 2014, SEAPS was selected as Key Enterprises of Strategic Emerging Industries of Hebei Province.

    11、February 11th,2014, SEAPS was selected as Three Hundreds Leader Engineering Enterprise.

    12、March 17th, 2014, SEAPS’s RO membrane series products passed the testing of Hebei Province Center for Disease Control and Prevention and was approved Test report of RO membrane of SEAPS brand.

    13、April 29th, 2014, SEAPS passed ISO9001 quality management system.

    14、May 26th, 2014, SEAPS signed Research Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Project Joint Research Agreement with Hebei University of Technology.

    15、June 19th, 2014, SEAPS won four copyright registration certificates like Haiqingyuan, SEAPS, etc awarded by State Intellectual Property Bureau.

    16、June 24th, 2014, in accordance with document of Industrial and technology letter of Hebei province [2014] 229, seven items of new products developed and produced by SEAPS in device manufacturing field like Portable mobile purification device, Motorized integration intelligent water treatment vehicle, integration intelligent package plant on saline water desalination, small-sized integration package plant for saline water desalination, water purifier for individual soldier, portable manual water purifying device and safe drinking water system and one item of new technique The technology of concentration and separation in pharmaceutical sector , and also five items of new products in light industry like Household reverse osmosis membrane element, high-performance separation membrane (RO, NF) and its elements, Ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane element, Industrial low-pressure reverse osmosis membrane element, low-desalting nano-filtration membrane elements were all selected as Industrial product development guidance scheme of Hebei Province in 2014.

    17、Ddd d August 26th, 2014, SEAPS was selected as Key Project of Technical Transformation of Key Industrial Enterprises of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province in 2014.

    18、September 1st to 3rd, 2014, as the representative of concerning enterprises of Tangshan city, SEAPS participated in The Third Session of China International Fair of New Material Industry held in Harbin.

    19、September 10th to 20th, 2014, SEAPS attended WATER EXPO in New Delhi, India and also WATER EXPO in Moscow, Russia. Products of SEAPS moved towards the international market.

    20、September 5th, 2014, Science and Technology Agency of Hebei Province awarded Certificate of small and medium-size science and technology enterprise of Hebei province to SEAPS.

    21、October 11th, 2015, two items of enterprise standard compiled and drafted by SEAPS RO membrane for water treatment and RO membrane components for water treatment accredited successfully at Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Tangshan city.

    22、October 19th, 2014, the exhibition hall of SEAPS was approved as science base of municipal level, the first science base of municipal level of Caofeidian industrial area. (Science and demonstration base of RO membrane and membrane application)

    23、ddNovember 11th, 2014, the whole series of products of SEAPS was approved Domestic hygiene license document relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products issued by National Board of Health.

    24、Dd November 14th, 2014, SEAPS signed Framework Cooperation Agreement with Tangshan branch of China Academy of Science.

    25、November 16th, 2014, SEAPS was approved as Key Project of Technical Transformation of Key Industrial Enterprises of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Tangshan City in 2014.

    26、November 25th, 2014, SEAPS established China Communist Youth League SEAPS branch.

    27、November 27th, 2014, SEAPS assumed the science and technology support project of Hebei province Research on the industrialization of high-performance sea water desalination membrane project.

    28、December 12th, 2014, SEAPS established Technical Center of RO Membrane and Membrane Engineering in Tangshan City.

    29、December 31st 2014, SEAPS established committee on women’s work of Tangshan Caofeidian SEAPS Science and Technology Limited Company.

    30、January, 2015, SEAPS acquired certificate of registration of trade mark.

    31、March, 2015, SEAPS acquired totally 40 items of patents and utility models.

    32、March 17th, 2015, SEAPS completed its share reform, changed from former Tangshan Caofeidian SEAPS Science and Technology Limited Company to Tangshan Caofeidian SEAPS Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. With registered capital increase to 100 million RMB, SEAPS initiated its entrance into capital market.

    33、April, 2015, together with BVI, Hebei University of Technology, Ocean University of China, East China University of Science and Technology, New Island Chemical Co.,Ltd and Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Co.,Ltd, SEAPS declared National Science and Technology Support Program Cascade use of integrated industrialization technology of concentrated seawater and its application in engineering and obtained approval.

    34、May 8th, 2015, whole series of products of SEAPS passed the quality inspection of General Administration of Quality Supervision.
    35、July 30th, 2015, SEAPS was listed the new three board, stock code is 833018.

    36、August 25th, 2015, SEAPS listed the ceremony of national SME equity transfer system.

    37、February 28th, 2016, SEAPS is approved Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in Hebei Province.

    38、Right up until February 2015, and ever since the construction of factory, SEAPS has received leaders of central bureau, provincial ministries, city, county and district level, media and social organization of central provinces and cities for more than 700 occasions, total number of visitors have reached 15,000.

    39、In 2016, SEAPS was awarded as Excellent Patented Brand Company of Hebei Province.

    40、January 6th, 2016, SEAPS was approved to establish Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base.

    41、March, 2017, SEAPS passed NSF American Health Foundation Certification.

    42、June, 2017, SEAPS was awarded the honorary title of Quality Product of Hebei Province.

    43、July 28th, 2017, SEAPS completed the site acceptance of science and technology project of provincial and municipal level. SEAPS completed the provincial level science and technology project Research on the technology of manufacture and preparation of sea water desalination reverse osmosis (RO) membrane supported by polymer alloys. SEAPS completed the municipal level science and technology project Research on the technology of manufacture and preparation of high-performance sea water desalination reverse osmosis (RO) membrane.

    44、October, 2017, SEAPS cooperative develops Research on the manufacture of functional separation membrane of polyethersulfone ultra-filtration with Chemical Engineering Institute of Yanshan University.

    45、November, 2017, SEAPS completed the enterprise standard review of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and components for water treatment